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Buying Guide - Hammock Suspensions

To really be able to enjoy your hammock you need to find the perfect spot for it. This spot should offer enough space and also provide the possibility to suspend the hammock. Important: when mounting a hammock it is important to add space to let the hammock sag. Because the more a hammock sags, the more comfortable it will be.

A short overview of all possibilities for suspension:

The hammock suspension between two trees

The most classic type of suspension is putting your hammock up between two trees. Depending on the size of your hammock, the trees should stand at least 3 metres apart and be strong enough to carry your body weight.

To mount a hammock to two trees you will need two ropes, which are looped around the tree. They are then connected with the hammock. If the trees are further apart, the ropes need to be attached a bit higher to enable the hammock to sag sufficiently.

Suspending a hammock between two trees

Suspending a hammock between two walls

For suspending a hammock inside or on your patio you will need walls made of concrete or plaster. For mounting it to a wall, you firstly need to attach a wall hook, which is then connected with the hammock by means of a rope. For older houses, which might have wall material with a lesser bearing capacity there are special hooks available, which distribute the weight to several drill holes, thus relieving the wall.

Suspending a hammock between two walls

Suspending a hammock from a ceiling

Especially in large rooms with low ceilings suspending the hammock from the ceiling is a good alternative. Beams are also well suited for that.

The suspension alternatives shown can be combined in any way to suspend the hammock inside or outside. There are no boundaries for your imagination when hunting for the right spot for your hammock!

Space needed for a hammock

When you have found your favourite spot for your hammock you need to test whether the available space will be sufficient for the size of the hammock you have in mind. The distance needed between the two suspension points and the height you will need to place the suspension points at can easily be calculated using the following rule of thumb: The height of suspension (y) must be more or less half of the suspension distance (x). If you want to use a spot with a greater distance between the suspension points you also need to place the hammock a bit higher. Please note: with each additional metre of distance, the suspension mechanism needs to be placed another 50 cm (20 in) higher.

Tip: If your hammock seems too short for the spot you have in mind, you will be glad to hear that you can extend your hammock to the desired length with ropes on both ends.

Space needed for hammock installation


When you have finally found the right spot and placed your hammock there you should pay attention to its sagging sufficiently. A hammock is perfect when, without someone lying in it, it has the curvature of a banana: Ultimate hammock joy is on its way!

Tip: If your hammock is too short, you can extend it with ropes on both ends until it sags and assumes the form of a banana.

Sagging sufficiently for hammock installation

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