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HAMMOCK DOUBLE (Coffee) - By the Hammock Shop of Canada

HAMMOCK DOUBLE (Coffee) - By the Hammock Shop of Canada
HAMMOCK DOUBLE (Coffee) - By the Hammock Shop of Canada HAMMOCK DOUBLE (Coffee) - By the Hammock Shop of Canada HAMMOCK DOUBLE (Coffee) - By the Hammock Shop of Canada HAMMOCK DOUBLE (Coffee) - By the Hammock Shop of Canada
Brand: Hammock Universe
Product Code: CARIB-COFFEE
Stock Location : Canada
Availability: In Stock
CAD $199.99

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• Our most luxurious hammock

• Made with tightly wound polyester rope

• Roomy enough for two (450-pound limit)

• Large bed area (7 feet long, 5 feet wide)

• Spreader bars made of thick dark-stained hardwood



When you purchase the Polyester Rope Hammock (Coffee) - Soft-Woven Deluxe, you've made a decision to step up to the next level of luxury.

This classic style rope hammock is made of highest quality polyester and requires a skilled hammock-maker one full day to create it. Like the old saying goes, there are some things you can't rush. That's never been truer than with this piece of deluxe craftsmanship. There are never any shortcuts taken in the assembly of what is certain to become the centerpiece of your relaxation universe.

The body of the hammock is created with a very tight weave that provides a comfortable, secure place to provide rest and relaxation after a long stressful day. You'll enjoy the ability to slip away from your worries and ease into your own personal cocoon. The deluxe hammock is delightful to the eye, too. The spreader bars at each end are made of dark-stained wood, which makes the product aesthetically pleasing and adds elements of support and stabilization. You'll be able to share the relaxation experience since this hammock is large enough to support 450 pounds. The bed area (7 feet long, 5 feet wide) makes it ideal for a couple to snuggle together and watch the sun go down. Those with small children (don't worry: it's stain resistant) may enjoy getting all cozy and creating special memories by reading a book or telling bedtime stories before turning in.

Whatever you choose to do, you'll be in the lap of luxury.



Product(s) Ship to: Canada + USA

What's Included: Hammock + Hanging Hardware

Warranty: 1 Year

Brand: Hammock Universe®

Materials: Soft Spun Polyester with Wood Spreaders

Weight Capacity (lb): 450

Recommended Hanging Distance (ft): 13+

Size: 2 People

Overall Hammock Length (ft): 13

Hammock Bed Length (ft): 7

Hammock Bed Width (ft): 5

Recommended Storage After Outdoor Use: Not Required

Weight (lb) 15.4


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